Cat stealing auto theft suspect booked in Pasco

Cat stealing auto theft suspect booked in Pasco

A Richland woman has given the term “cat burglar” a very literal meaning.

Ashley Younger, 31, is likely responsible for stealing an SUV and a cat from a local home while the resident was out of town, Pasco Police said on Facebook.

The woman was pulled over in a GMC Acadia on Friday due to reports of a suspicious circumstance at the 4800 block of Tamarisk Drive. She claimed the vehicle belonged to a friend and that she’d rescued the cat that was sitting in the back seat in Richland.

On Saturday, the owner of the vehicle called Pasco Police reporting it had been stolen along with the resident’s cat Barney.

Younger was booked on felony charges of residential burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Barney the cat was picked up from police by a neighbor. The owner was asked to pick up the stolen vehicle from the police station the next day.