Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, a day dedicated to "create broad awareness of voter registration opportunities."It's held on the fourth Tuesday of September each year and was first observed in 2012. According to the National Voter Registration Day website,…

BCFD #1 levy passing, bond failing

Benton County Fire District #1 is seeing some success and failure of their two propositions that were on Tuesday night's ballot.As of 2 p.m. on Wednesday, the district's levy was passing with a 55% approval rating. It will cost $1.50/$1,000…

In Oregon and other states, GOP sees the recall as its way back to power

DENVER (AP) - Republicans frustrated by losing their grip on political power in some Western states have begun deploying a new weapon: the recall. Once reserved for targeting corrupt or inept elected officials, the recall has become part of the toolkit for Republicans seeking a do-over of election results. One GOP strategist in Colorado has put a name to it - "recall season."

Democratic presidential hopeful Inslee opposes pipeline plan

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee waded into a Great Lakes regional controversy on Wednesday, calling for the defeat of a plan to construct a disputed oil pipeline tunnel beneath a channel that connects two of the lakes.

Oregon joins interstate agreement to ignore electoral college

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Oregon has voted to become the 15th state to grant its electoral college votes to whoever wins the popular vote across the country.The Oregon House sent the governor a measure to join National Vote Interstate Compact. It's a pledge between states to ignore the Electoral College and essentially overhaul the way the nation elects presidents.

2020 hopeful Inslee: Build US foreign policy around climate

Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee wants the U.S. to shape all foreign policy decisions around a commitment to combat the climate crisis, including willingness to use tariffs, other trade incentives and international finance rules to compel other nations to reduce carbon pollution. "Our goal is to re-establish American leadership in the fight against climate crisis and use all the tools in the international relations toolbox," Inslee told The Associated Press.

2020 hopeful Jay Inslee calls for pathway to citizenship

Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee is calling for a pathway to citizenship for people in the country illegally and raising refugee limits to historic levels. The Washington governor also calls on Congress to limit presidential prerogatives over immigration policy, curbing the kinds of powers President Donald Trump has used to sharply limit refugee access and to slow the asylum process.

Jay Inslee touts $9 trillion climate plan as economic boom

Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee is pitching a $9 trillion-plus climate action plan that he touts as an economic renaissance and scientific necessity, putting the Washington governor at the forefront of White House hopefuls pushing for sweeping action to combat the causes and effects of a warming planet.

Gov. Jay Inslee CNN Town Hall premieres Wednesday

Washington's Governor Jay Inslee will get a chance to pitch his presidential campaign to the nation Wednesday. CNN will be hosting a live town hall, starting at 7 p.m. local time, that will be moderated by Wolf Blitzer.

Inslee's security unit expanded amid presidential bid

SEATTLE (AP) - The Washington State Patrol plans to nearly double the size of Gov. Jay Inslee's travelling security detail as he runs for president. The cost would be more than $4 million over two years.The Seattle Times reports that the Patrol plans to assign six additional troopers, a sergeant and a lieutenant to the Executive Protection Unit. The unit previously has consisted of eight troopers and one sergeant.

Oregon House approves 10-year ban on 'fracking'

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon House approved a 10-year ban on fracking to explore for oil and natural gas.Lawmakers voted 42-12 on Monday to prohibit the process, which injects high-pressure liquids into underground rock to extract oil and gas. The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.There are currently no fracking operations in Oregon. But developers say there's potential for coalbed methane extraction in the Willamette Valley, which this bill would also block.

Permanent daylight saving in Oregon? 'Hell yes,' says Gov.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown endorsed a growing movement to make daylight saving time permanent.When asked if she was in favor of a proposal to abolish the yearly time shift, the Democrat told reporters on Thursday: "Hell yes!""I think everyone's done with the time change," she added.Washington and California are also considering shifting to a permanent daylight saving time. Florida became the first state to approve such a change.