POLL: Should restaurant employees be considered essential workers?

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3 questions about tequila, answered

Is a shot of tequila actually good for you? And what's the deal with the worm? To celebrate National Tequila Day, a food historian explores some little-known aspects of the popular Mexican spirit.

Restaurant hit by a car for 3rd time in 8 days

HAVERHILL, Massachusetts (WBZ) -- Steven Hart darted across Route 125 in Haverhill early Saturday morning after a car crashed through the front of Li’s Asian Restaurant. “They didn’t even hit the brakes they just went straight in,” he said. Hart…

Got no milk: Nestle unveils vegan KitKat bar

A vegan version of the iconic KitKat candy bar, to be known as the KitKat V, will be launched later this year in "several countries across the globe."

Quiz: How much coffee trivia do you know?

Where did coffee originate? Which country grows the most beans? Which beans give you the biggest caffeine boost? Test your java knowledge with us.

The Chicken Shack opening new location in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The Chicken Shack is expected to open their Kennewick location in March. It will be located at 3320 W Kennewick Ave., where Barley's BrewHub was recently located. The Chicken Shack has two locations in the Tri-Cities area,…