Chewy chilled noodles make the perfect summer salad

As summer sets in, warm bowls of chewy, satisfying ramen and soba can take a refreshing turn to become the center of refreshingly chilled salads such as hiyashi chuka.

Coca-Cola is putting Jack & Coke in a can

Drinking a Jack and Coke is about to become easier. Coca-Cola will make a new canned cocktail combining Coke and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.

The Kitchn: Fourth of July wine sparklers are fun and festive

Perky blueberries and star-shaped slices of watermelon bob festively in the drink, transforming the spritzer into a holiday-appropriate sparkler. They also make for tasty edible garnishes to gobble up once you’re done sipping.

JeanMarie Brownson: Father’s Day burgers on the grill

Let’s put love on the grill this Father’s Day. I say we hang with friends, watch some baseball, and cook spicy double burgers with lots of cheese in honor of fathers near and far.

Peruvian beef stir-fry is fusion cooking at its best

Peru's lomo saltado is fusion cooking at its easiest and most approachable, a quick stir-fry of soy-marinated beef, tomatoes and hot peppers that reflects the country's cultural — and culinary —influences.

Taco Bell is running out of Mexican Pizza

Demand for the beloved item was seven times higher than when it last appeared on menus two years ago. For example, the company said one fan bought 180 Mexican Pizzas in a single order.

JeanMarie Brownson: Hawaiian poke at home

Top-quality raw fish, suitable for poke, can be found on the mainland in many Asian markets and in the freezer aisle of specialty markets.