Money from your paycheck: Breaking down the new Washington Cares Fund

Copyright 4 News NowSPOKANE, Wash. — Starting in 2022, Washington will take more money out of your paycheck.  A new law called the “Washington Cares Fund” requires Washington workers to have a plan for long-term care.  Money from your paycheck can either go into the state’s new Washington Cares Fund or you can opt-out and buy private insurance.  But –…

Skincare Must-Haves: Breaking Down the Basics for a Simple Routine

Sponsored Content: Starting (and maintaining) a skincare routine can feel overwhelming, but having a simple skincare routine is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. We’ve rounded up the must-have elements for basic skincare to make starting your routine easier than ever.

Life-saving beeps: Learn the sounds of fire safety

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The Washington State Fire Marshal's Office is reminding residents of the sounds of fire safety in honor of this week's Fire Prevention Week running October 3rd through the 9th. In a recent press release, fire officials sent a…

How to Boost Your Mood and Combat Seasonal Depression

Sponsored Content: For many women, the excitement of fall traditions and cozy routines is tempered by lower energy levels, trouble sleeping, and a negative mood change. Here’s what you need to know about the fairly common seasonal depression and how to cope with its symptoms.

Maintain Your Health and Stay Active with These Helpful Vitamins and Minerals

Sponsored Content: Getting enough essential vitamins and minerals is a vital part of maintaining good health – especially as you age. Changing nutritional needs and dietary restrictions can affect your vitamin intake over time. This makes it challenging to get the nutrients you need to keep your bones and muscles strong and ensure that other body systems are working properly. To help you stay healthy, here’s a list of vitamins and minerals adults 55 and over should be taking daily, along with the benefits they provide.