What do those big heart terms mean?

Even if you understand how the heart works, the terms that doctors use can confuse you. Get definitions for some common terms here.

Food your heart will thank you for eating

It's no fun to cut out salty snacks and red meat, but tasty alternatives can help you stay proactive about heart health without eating boiled chicken and rice cakes.

Men's hidden health risks

Some of the biggest health risks for men may very likely be the ones they are least aware of. Read on for a look at five hidden health risks all men should know about.

Fitness Friday with Chad Martin

Suspension Training I remember as a kid watching the Olympics and was always fascinated by watching the gymnast on the rings or the pommel horse. They make it look easy but in order to hold an iron cross or even…

How to lower your stress level

From time to time we all get stressed out. Try using some of these ideas to help lower your stress level.

Do you have an arrhythmia?

A little skip in your heart beat once in a while is normal. Find out if yours is something more.

Fitness Friday with Chad Martin

Sliders As many that have been to my site know that I am a firm believer in mixing workouts up, and doing them at low cost. Since the wise invention of the furniture sliders, many people have taken to creating…

A budding business: pot sales open up in Eastern Oregon

PENDLETON, Ore. (KVEW-TV) --- Three recreational marijuana shops have been approved in the first three weeks of 2017 within the City of Pendleton. They will be the first recreational retailers to open in one of Eastern Oregon's biggest cities. "Come…

Flu deaths climb to 76 in Washington state

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- Washington health officials say 76 people have died from the flu this season as of Friday, up from 46 deaths reported the previous week. The latest weekly update from the state Department of Health shows that…

Winter weather sparks Tri-Cities blood shortage

Tuesday the American Red Cross sounded the alarm after seeing a critical shortage in blood donations desperately needed in the Tri-Cities area after the cold weather hit. "We've been seeing fewer donations, not only in the Tri-Cities region but across…

Sticking to your New Years Resolutions

It's the New Year again and you know what that means, we make false promises to ourselves that we never keep. Almost everyone makes at least one resolution, but only about 20% keep it. Well this year is going to…