5 ways to declutter your life

While some may think clutter is a sign of genius at work, the truth is messy surroundings could actually be holding you back. Discover five ways to you can cut out the clutter.

Stay safe during winter outdoor activities

Winter can be a great time to enjoy outdoor activities -- as long as you take precautions against the weather and cold temperatures. Follow these tips to ensure you are staying safe.

Best airports for food

A study by RewardExpert looked at almost 75,000 restaurant reviews from the top 20 airports in the United States. Each was given a score based on satisfaction, price and quality. The combined scores determined the country's best airports for eating overall.

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Still very little is known about the whereabouts of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the third anniversary of its disappearance. On Wednesday, the Australian official in charge of the now suspended search told an audience at a church service that he's still hopeful the plane will be found.

Top 10 things given up for Lent

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  Many people give up something the Lenten season. is tracking what people on Twitter are giving up, here's a look at the top 10.

Eat well to control cholesterol

High blood cholesterol can lead to cholesterol buildup and blockage in your arteries, which can cause complications such as stroke and heart disease.

Unusual recyclables

Can I recycle this? It's a question that comes up often around the house, because the list of what we can't and can't recycle is formidable.

Easy make-up tips

Here are a couple backstage make-up tips that make getting ready easy and quick!

Valentine's Day 2017: Fast-food style

Whether you're looking for something more affordable for Valentine's Day this year or just an unconventional way to show your sweetheart your love, check out these unique fast-food options.