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WATCH: Washington lawmakers consider amendments to police reform regulations

!(function(src,cb){var s=document.createElement('script');s.src=src;s.async=true;if(s.readyState){s.onreadystatechange=function(){if(s.readyState=="loaded"||s.readyState=="complete"){s.onreadystatechange=null;cb();}};}else{s.onload=function(){cb();};}document.head.appendChild(s);})('//player.invintus.com/app.js',function(){Invintus.launch({"clientID":"9375922947","eventID":"2022021028","simple":true});}); OLYMPIA, Wash. — As the 2022 legislative session carries on, Washington state lawmakers are re-evaluating some of the police reform laws signed into action last year after law enforcement agencies and legislators that represent them expressed displeasure with…

Yakama Nation approves school district use of Warrior image

Yakama Nation officials say they will allow a rural school district in central Washington to continue the use of the Wahluke Warrior image while a plan for respectful usage is developed. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports according to a Yakama Nation news release the Wahluke School District in Mattawa has until January 2023 to develop a memorandum of understanding with the Yakama Nation to ensure the use of the image remains respectful. State legislation passed in April banned the use of Native American names, symbols or imagery as school mascots, logos or team names, unless a school located on or near Native lands consults and obtains permission from the nearest tribe.