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AP: WA has 50 dams in 'poor' condition that need repairs including 10 across Benton and Yakima Counties

An Associated Press investigation has found 50 dams in Washington state that are classified as high-hazard and in poor or unsatisfactory condition. Dams are categorized by the hazard they pose were they to fail. A high-hazard dam is likely to result in the loss of at least one human life if it were to fail. Dams also are assessed by their conditions — ranging from satisfactory to fair to poor to unsatisfactory. A dam in unsatisfactory condition has safety deficiencies requiring immediate action. A dam in poor condition typically has safety deficiencies that may realistically occur, meaning repairs are necessary. Of Washington’s 50 high-hazard dams listed in poor condition, the most are in Yakima County with seven.

Local Walmart locations to host Wellness Day this weekend

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- This Saturday, April 23rd, Walmart is encouraging people to get healthy on Walmart Wellness Day. KAPP KVEW has confirmed all three Tri-Cities Walmart locations will be participating in Wellness Day. Customers can visit their local location and…