National Politics

Forbes: Eric Trump charity money went to Trump business

Eric Trump is pushing back against a Forbes report released Tuesday that alleges his Eric Trump Foundation shifted money from a charity golf tournament for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital into the Trump Organization.

Who is Christopher Wray?

In nominating Christopher Wray to be the next FBI chief, President Donald Trump immediately thrust a low-profile white collar defense lawyer into the public spotlight.

UK snap election: A guide for non-Brits

The UK and Europe have changed a lot since 2015 (Brexit), so voters are headed back to the polls to help Britain forge a new path forward. Here's a primer on Britain's snap election for the uninitiated.

5 things to watch: Coats, Rogers, McCabe and Rosenstein testify

The Senate intelligence committee is back in the national spotlight for two days of blockbuster hearings and following news that relations between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had reached a boiling point surrounding his recusal from the Justice Department's Russia investigation.

Blockbuster Capitol Hill hearings that stopped nation

Anticipation is high ahead of James Comey's public testimony on Capitol Hill Thursday. The former FBI director is slated to speak before the Senate intelligence committee for the first time since his unexpected ouster on May 9 and the chaos that emerged in the aftermath.

Pre-existing conditions could split Senate GOP

Republican senators are likely to keep a key Obamacare provision intended for people with pre-existing conditions as they craft their bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

What we know about Reality Winner

Before she was accused of mailing classified information to a media outlet, Reality Winner was a Texas-raised linguist, yoga instructor and animal lover who regularly took to social media to blast President Donald Trump.

The actual reason for Wednesday's Russia hearing

The Russia investigation and President Donald Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey are sure to dominate the headlines out of Wednesday's Senate intelligence committee hearing, but that's not the reason that four top administration national security officials are appearing before the panel.