Intel official: China doesn't want Trump to win election

The US intelligence community's top election security official said in a statement that China "prefers" an outcome where President Donald Trump is not reelected in November, and Russia is working to denigrate former Vice President Joe Biden's White House bid.…

Saudi Crown Prince accused of sending hit squad

Amanpour speaks exclusively with Khalid Aljabri, son of a fmr. Saudi intelligence official who claims Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman sent an assassination squad after him in 2018.

GOP lawmaker calls on Falwell Jr. to resign over photo

Rep. Mark Waller (R-NC) calls on Jerry Falwell Jr. to resign as president of Liberty University after Falwell posted a now-deleted photo on Instagram depicting his pants unzipped and his arm around a woman.

A cat composer's mewsic to meow ears

For the record, cat composer David Teie is not a cat. He is an adult human man. And although Teie is most certainly not a cat, he makes some excellent music for felines. Teie is a cellist for the National…