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New alliance focuses on fighting fentanyl issues in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wa. — The leaders of our community usually don’t have four hours in the middle of their day to sit still, but there’s a crisis in our community and the first step to solving it is to listen. “When you hear that the DEA seized enough fentanyl in 2021 to kill every person in the country, this is the…

GOP hopes to end 40-year Oregon gubernatorial losing streak

It’s been 35 years since there was a GOP governor in Oregon, however there are 19 Republican candidate hopefuls on this year’s primary ballot. Although political experts say this year, the Republican party may have a rare opportunity to earn the state’s highest elected position. Oregonians are frustrated with the state of the state under Democratic leadership, a possible split in votes among the majority party as unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson makes a gubernatorial run in the fall and the noticeable absence of an incumbent this election as Gov. Kate Brown is term-limited.

WA high court: Drivers can get DUIs for driving while high

The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled people can be cited for driving under the influence for driving while high, a decision that upholds the state’s decade-old law regulating marijuana use behind the wheel of a car. The Seattle Times reports all nine justices on Thursday rejected Douglas Fraser’s argument that his 2017 DUI was based on an arbitrary and vague standard for THC levels in the blood. Although the justices acknowledged that the correlation between THC levels and impairment is challenging to pinpoint, they found that blood measurements nevertheless provide a useful and constitutionally acceptable measurement. 

Get ready for a blood-red lunar eclipse this weekend

SPOKANE, Wash.– Attention all skywatchers! A total lunar eclipse will rise into the skies of the Inland Northwest on Sunday evening, May 15th. This is the first of two lunar eclipses we’ll be able to see this year. A lunar eclipse happens when the earth passes directly between the sun and the moon. The moon crosses through the shadow of…

Portland settles suit over homeless sweeps, changes rules

The city of Portland, Oregon, has settled with a group of people who sued over the way the city conducts homeless sweeps. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the class-action lawsuit, filed last year, alleged city contractors were illegally discarding the personal belongings of people living outdoors while dispersing homeless encampments. Plaintiffs said the city failed to properly document property that was removed, and failed to give people a reasonable opportunity to retrieve their belongings. The city has now implemented a new set of rules dictating why, when and how campsites will be removed. The lawsuit was dismissed as a result of the new policies; the plaintiffs were not seeking a monetary award. 

Spokane firefighters rescue 9 ducklings, distraught momma from window well

Credit: Spokane FireSPOKANE, Wash. – Firefighters were quick to help a distraught mother of nine.  Crews helped a frantic momma duck whose nine babies fell in a deep window well near 27th and Southeast Boulevard.  All of the ducklings are doing great and a report from the fire department says “momma appeared exceptionally thankful for SFD’s care and intervention.”  READ:…

No-Li teams up with EWU to launch Craft Beer Professional Certificate

Copyright 4 News NowNo-Li Brewhouse reopens under Phase 2SPOKANE, Wash. – No-Li Brewhouse is partnering with Eastern Washington University to launch the first-ever EWU Craft Beer Professional Certificate.  The 15-credit program will be available this fall and aims to create opportunities for students and community members who want to pursue careers in the craft beer industry.  The idea for the…

FBI arrests western WA duo who skipped sentencing in $30M gold scheme

The FBI has arrested a fugitive Auburn couple who fled before sentencing last month after convictions for operating a Ponzi-like scheme, defrauding thousands of investors out of more than $30 million. The Seattle Times reports Seattle FBI spokesperson Steve Bernd said Bernard Ross Hansen and partner Diane Renee Erdmann were arrested Tuesday afternoon at a motel near Chimacum on the Olympic Peninsula. Bernd says a hotel employee recognized them from photographs that had been published in the media. Hansen and Erdmann were scheduled to appear April 29 in U.S. District Court after a jury convicted them of mail and wire fraud in a gold bullion scheme that prosecutors say victimized 3,000 investors.

‘Slow Down, Move Over’ law critical for trooper safety

SPOKANE, Wash — Washington’s ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ law requires drivers to move over 200 feet before and after an emergency vehicle is pulled over on the side of the road. Despite the law being in place, motor vehicle-related incidents are the leading cause of line of duty deaths for law enforcement officers in the U.S, according to the CDC….

‘It is a struggle’: Washington, Idaho gas prices hit record highs

SPOKANE, Wash. – Gas prices hit an all-time high in both Washington and Idaho as well as the rest of the country. Families are sure feeling that pain as AAA says gas prices climbed 20 cents in the last two weeks nationwide. AAA says the current nationwide average for a gallon of regular gas hit $4.37. Compared to a month…