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Mini police cruisers donated to children's hospital

A Massachusetts charitable group is teaming up with local police departments to make the days a little brighter for children going through grueling medical treatments.

Mom arrested after deputies say she let child drive

A child sitting behind the wheel during a traffic stop resulted in an arrest for the child's mother, who was in the passenger seat, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, WALA reported.

Bison return to area of Badlands National Park

For the first time in nearly 150 years, bison will roam a new corner of a South Dakota national park. It's a vital step in growing the population of America's national mammal.

8-year-old reels in 692-pound shark

An eight-year-old boy reeled in a 314-kilogram (692-pound) tiger shark on a fishing trip with his dad in Australia -- possibly setting a new world record.

Pennsylvania teacher on leave without pay after racist tirade

A female teacher at a Pennsylvania middle school is on administrative leave after she could be heard on video calling a black man the "N-word" and using other racist language after a fender bender in the school parking lot.

Japanese artist's decade-old doodle skyrockets in value

The walls of most bars are adorned with artwork of some kind, including the doodles of patrons after a few drinks. But a Manhattan bar has a set of doodles that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

'Serial stowaway' arrested again

The woman who has been nicknamed a "serial stowaway" for her repeated attempts to sneak onto flights without boarding passes was arrested again, Chicago authorities said.