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NPR tweets Declaration of Independence, faces backlash

In honor of Independence Day, National Public Radio took to social media to celebrate by tweeting the Declaration of Independence, but it soon became apparent that some could use an American history refresher course.

Cops looking for bald Rogaine thief

Detroit police are on the lookout for a bald Rogaine thief who made off with seven boxes from a local Walgreens earlier this month.

Avocado toast with mortgage? Yep, it's a thing

Millennials������collectively groaned when a millionaire gave them some advice: Stop buying avocado toast if you want to buy a home. An online lender is playing on that meme, offering the pricey toast with a mortgage.

The 10 states with the fattest dogs, cats

Pet obesity is an epidemic in the U.S. Banfield Pet Hospital's 2017 State of Pet Health Report identified which states have the largest number of obese cats and dogs. Here are the top 10 for each.