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Disputes continue over mission expansion in Downtown Pasco

The Union Gospel Mission is expanding in Downtown Pasco with the building of a men's facility in a 6.5 acre lot just off Columbia Street. The mission received a building permit in 2011 and expects the facility to be completed next summer. Though mission administration says the expansion will help counter the growing homeless population in the city, some business owners in the downtown area believe the new property will negatively impact their businesses.

Paris police: Shots fired near Notre Dame

PARIS -- Paris police say officer shot and injured an attacker near Notre Dame cathedral.Paris police say a security operation is under way near Notre Dame Cathedral and are urging passers-by to stay away from the area.The police department tweeted…

I-90 reopen after BBQ starts wildfire

VANTAGE - I-90 eastbound and westbound has reopened near Vantage after a wild fire broke out. Grant County Sheriffs say the fire is now contained. A level 2 evacuation order was put in to place for the Old Vantage Hwy…

Pasco man sentenced to 8 years for fraud

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) -- A 43-year-old founder of a Pasco renewable energy company has been sentenced more than eight years in prison for defrauding the government of $9.5 million.