CDC releases new travel guidelines for fully-vaccinated people

KENNEWICK, Wash — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released updated travel guidelines and restrictions for people who are fully-vaccinated.

The CDC defines fully-vaccinated as two weeks after receiving the final shot.

According to the new guidelines, fully-vaccinated people traveling within the United States do not need to test for COVID-19 before their trip nor do they have to self-quarantine after.

If fully-vaccinated people are traveling somewhere international, they should have a negative COVID-19 test before returning and should be tested three to five days after their return.

Officials with the Washington State Department of Health said the best way to protect yourself and others around you is to stay home.

“What we want to do is remind everyone that we are not out of the pandemic until we are out of the pandemic meaning do not let your guard down,” said Dr. Umair Shah with the DOH.

In Washington, 1.3 million people are now fully vaccinated, or 17% of the state’s population, according to Shah.

Shah added that with the upcoming holidays, events, and celebrations, that “delaying travel” is still the safest option.

“Staying home is the safest for families, schools and communities but if you do travel, make sure you’re doing everything you can to take the preventive precautions,” Shah said.

The CDC also does not recommend traveling in general but if you do, you still have to follow safety procedures like social distancing, sanitizing often, and masking up.

Officials also want to remind people to check any travel restrictions before packing their bags.

For a full list of the new recommendations, click here.