Central Washington artists on display in Downtown Yakima exhibit

Central Washington
Image Courtesy of the City of Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. — Artists based out of Central Washington will have their work on display as part of the ‘Windows Alive!‘ exhibit in Downtown Yakima. Located along the northside of Yakima Avenue between Hotel Maison and 3rd St, ‘Windows Alive!’ takes ordinary storefront windows and transforms them into an art gallery.

Five Washingtonians from the region were selected to participate based on their merits and impressive track records as developing artists. Each brings their own unique style to the project, incorporating a variety of mediums to capture the attention of anyone who walks past the display. Participants were awarded a $250 stipend for contributing to the display.

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The five artists whose work is on display are Madeline Crowder, Kaerli Gray, Cecilia Marie Hudon (Yakima), Yusuf Incetas, Leticia Mendoza Macedo. Two of them, Gray and Hudon, noted that they’re from the Yakima region.

“I have lived in Yakima County for most of my life and find pleasure in capturing the beauty of the people and nature that this wonderful place has to offer through drawing, painting and photography,” Gray said.

Participating in this event is not only an opportunity for these artists to share their talents with the Downtown Yakima community, but it allows them to express themselves publically.

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“I truly believe that the ability to create art is in all of us, because everything is art,” Hudon said. “The creation of anything that stems from ones imagination, emotions and feelings is simply beautiful to me.”

‘Windows Alive!’ is one of many initiatives set in place by the Yakima Arts Commission. The concept was first devised eight years ago as a way to “harness the creativity of Central Washington artists.” The Arts Commission is an advisory group to the Yakima City Council that focuses on enhancing the downtown area by empowering local/regional artists.

Submissions for the Fall/Winter session of ‘Windows Alive!’ are now open. You may only apply if you reside in Yakima, Yakima County, or Central Washington.

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