Central Washington Mayor Cited For DUI

Central Washington Mayor Cited For DUI

A Kittitas sheriff’s deputy spotted Cle Elum Mayor Charles Glondo roll through a stop in Cle Elum just before ten at night on December 9th.

According to the deputy’s report, Glondo failed a field sobriety test, and blew a .128 into a breathalyzer.

Official breath tests were done after he was arrested, and both came back at .100 blood alcohol level.

Glondo attended a city council meeting earlier that night. It let out around 8 and he was pulled over less than two hours later.

Glondo told the deputy multiple times that he is the mayor and has police officers working for him.

Documents show he also told the deputy pulling him over that he should be out stopping “real criminals.”

Glondo’s next court date will be in Ellensburg on February 13th.