Central Washington State Fair Looking For TV Extras

Increased Attendance at Central Washington State Fair

PRESS RELEASE: Central Washington State Fair

If you would like to appear as an extra in a television commercial and earn a free admission into this year’s Central Washington State Fair, here is your chance. On Tuesday, August 11 producers of this year’s Fair commercials will be shooting footage of people entering the gates and walking around the grounds.

“We’re looking for about a hundred people,” said Chelsea Hajny, marketing manager for the Fair. “All ages of people are welcome to come and be part of the production.”

Hajny said they need people in the morning, and the afternoon. Everyone who participates will receive a voucher for a free admission into this year’s Fair. People who want to be in the commercials should plan be at the Fair administration office, 1301 S. Fair Avenue in Yakima at 8:00 a.m. and plan on being on the grounds for about three hours. Another group is needed at the Fair at 1:00 for some more shots. In all, three commercials will be produced and shown around the region in September to promote the ten-day Fair.

For more information about appearing in the Fair commercials contact Smith, Phillips & DiPietro Advertising at 509-248-1760.