Check your chicken… nuggets that is, Tri-Cities mom finds metal in frozen food

RICHLAND, Wash. — It was mealtime in the Tovey household; chicken nuggets, her five-year-old’s favorite.

It was supposed to be an after-school snack, until mother Jordan Tovey saw them glimmering – not from ice crystals.

“The last one I pulled out had metal shards sticking out in multiple places, luckily it was very obvious,” Jordan, a mother to two kids said.

Jordan snapped a picture of the worst one, but after inspecting the rest of the bag, she and her husband found more chicken nuggets with less obvious shards.

“It’s definitely like a thin metal shard but it’s shaped like a hook I mean it literally looks like a metal hook coming out of this dinosaur nugget,” Jordan said.

Thankfully, Jordan caught the metal-laced nuggets well before her toddler could chow down.

“It was shocking and then it was very scary how easily I could’ve fed that to him I have a two-year-old who has some special needs and is non-verbal, and so the thought of possibly feeding it to her and her not being able to express that there was something wrong with it is very scary,” she said.

Jordan wasn’t sure who to get ahold of at first, luckily, the bag of Tyson Chicken Nuggets had a number, so she started there.

“Kind of narrowed it down, where the corporate office is, wrote a letter and I’ve sent that off to them to let them know this is what happened with some pictures,” she explained.

Then, after doing some research, Jordan was shocked to find this isn’t the first time metal has been found in Tyson chicken.

In 2019, a recall was issued for 69,093 pounds of Tyson Food’s chicken for the potential of pieces of metal found in chicken strips.

“Okay well there needs to be a fix,” she said something has to change.

KAPP KVEW reached out to Tyson Foods regarding Jordan’s situation, they responded with a statement:

Food safety is extremely important to Tyson Foods, so we take this matter very seriously. We have contacted the consumer to find out more about the product involved and what happened. We’re unable to comment more until we’ve completed our investigation. Consumers with questions should call our dedicated toll-free line at 1-866-886-8456.

Jordan said she’s concerned other parents, or kids who cook for themselves, may not notice the tiniest of shards in the nuggets.

“You need to check your kiddos food because if I got a bag of it, I’m sure there’s others out there.”

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