Chiawana High School celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

During Friday’s lunches, Chiawana student support coordinator Sarai Camacho helped students celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month in Pasco.

PASCO, Wash. — In the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month, from September 15th to October 15th, Chiawana High School is celebrating its Hispanic history and culture.

The goal is to aid in the pursuit of equality and inclusion for all students. At Friday, September 30th’s lunch hours, Chiawana student support coordinator Sarai Camacho threw a celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month.

This was the first event like it ever thrown at Chiawana, and the treats were free for all students.

Camacho said she threw this event to show the students to show off their heritage.

“A lot of the kids feel unnoticed, just because you know, our majority of our students are Hispanics here in Tri-Cities and even at Chiawana, and we are the largest school in Washington State,” said Camacho. “I just wanted to make sure that everybody felt noticed, that everybody felt like you know, they’re part of something. Any culture, any languages is welcome. I feel like at Chiawana, that’s a huge thing that we focus on.”

Viera’s Bakery, La Jalpita, Prestige Motors and Studio 41 donated the candy, baked goods, popsicles and a beautiful photo backdrop for this celebration.

The celebration wasn’t just for Hispanic students, it was for everyone to take part in.

“There was a lot of different students coming in, asking like, ‘Is it for us too?’ And of course, here at Chiawana and communities and schools, we make sure that everybody feels welcomed,” said Camacho.

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