Chiawana student leaves lasting impact on community

Chiawana student leaves lasting impact on community

Family and friends packed St. Patrick Catholic Parish Church in Pasco Tuesday to mourn the tragic death of a classmate, brother and teammate.

16-year-old Rey Mundo Aranda, a Chiawana High School freshman student took his own life last Friday.

It was a shock for many in the Pasco community and for those close to him.

The outpouring of support is what everyone has been focused on, the rosary Tuesday was filled with those close to Aranda, many even standing outside just to pay their respect.

One friend close to Aranda described the lasting impact that this loss is already having on an entire community.

“It has been really quiet during school just ever since Rey is gone it’s just dramatically changed the whole school, the teachers were reading letters, the teachers were crying, the students were crying,” Chiawana Freshman Austin Bullis said.

St. Patrick Catholic Parish Church was absolutely packed and many who showed up said Rey Mundo was a resilient inspiration and a loving soul with a contagious smile.

Those who posted to Facebook also said they will remember him most for his generosity and will miss watching him wrestle at Chiawana.

Grief counselors are now available from the Pasco School District to help his classmates.

A balloon release ceremony will take place Friday at 6 p.m. at the Pasco Little League baseball field and Rey Mundo’s funeral will be held Wednesday morning at 11:30 a.m. at St. Patrick Catholic Parish Church in Pasco.