Child rapist brothers captured decades after crime get 10 years in prison

Eduardo (L) and Alejandro Martinez. (Norwalk Police Department)
Eduardo (L) and Alejandro Martinez. (Norwalk Police Department)

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. — Two brothers were sentenced Wednesday in Benton County Superior Court to 120 months in prison sexually assaulting two children, ages 6 and 7, back in 1995.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into Eduardo and Alejandro Martinez in 1998 after the victims disclosed the abuse to law enforcement. The men were living in Prosser at the time.

Deputies said they were able to locate Alejandro, and he confessed to assaulting one of the children, but they could not find Eduardo. Soon after, they determined that the brothers fled from Washington state and warrants were issued for their arrest.

Then in February 2019, the sheriff’s office was contacted by police in Norwalk, Connecticut after they came into contact with Eduardo after a car accident. The sheriff’s office confirmed the outstanding warrants for both Eduardo and Alejandro and they were arrested at a duplex in Bridgeport, Connecticut where they had both been living.

In October 2019, a jury found both men guilty of first-degree rape of a child. The trial spanned approximately eight days, and was the fourth re-trial in the matter, according to the Benton County Prosecutor’s office.

In a written statement, the prosecutor’s office commended the victims of the crime for testifying at three of the four trials.