Children’s Developmental Center in Richland receives $5,000 grant

PASCO, Wash. — A local nonprofit that helps children with developmental delays is starting 2020 strong.

The Children’s Developmental Center in Richland just received $5,000 in grant money to go toward their programs. The center is one of over 400 nonprofits on The Rite Aid Foundation’s 2020 list of KidCents charities. Members of Rite Aid’s loyalty program can round up purchases to donate a portion of sales to KidCents.

The Children’s Developmental Center is the leading neuro-developmental center in the region, offering unique services to local families. Licensed and certified early intervention specialists offer a variety of services to children with developmental delays and challenges, focusing on children three years old and under. They serve children with issues that range from motor delays to behavioral problems.

“This is the best place to work,” said executive director Cathryn Tames. “We love seeing the progress of the children, and we love to see the families excited and empowered.”

For new clients, staff will first evaluate the child before developing a program to meet his or her needs. In order to qualify for therapy through the center, the child has to have at least a 25 percent delay in one area of a known diagnosis, like down syndrome. While families can come into the center regularly, staff can travel and often the majority of the program can take place in the child’s own environment.

“Really, it’s about empowering and educating families,” said Tames. “We teach families what they can do to help their child throughout the week.”

The nonprofit of just over 40 staff members serves about 700 families over the course of a year. Their funding comes from grants, the school district and a couple of fundraisers they hold each year.

To learn more about the programs available, click here.