City approves interim regulation on blasting near Kennewick neighborhood


KENNEWICK, Wash. — The City of Kennewick has approved an interim regulation that will put a temporary stop to blasting in one neighborhood after receiving complaints from nearby homeowners.

The blasting is part of the second phase of the South Hills Estate housing project being developed near the Canyon Lakes Golf Course. Since it started a few weeks ago, some residents have complained about effects on their homes and have said they weren’t given clear enough notice in advance.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, city council members heard from concerned residents, the developer and a representative from the Washington State L&I explosives safety department.

Council members had the option to take no action, opt for a emergency moratorium on the blasting or approve an interim regulation in order to deal with immediate issues. In a unanimous vote, council members opted for the third option.

“This to me is the Band-Aid to the immediate situation that moves us forward,” said council member Chuck Torelli at last night’s meeting.

The interim regulation requires the company conducting the blasting to acquire a permit before any further work. According to City Attorney Lisa Beaton, requirements include submitting a blasting plan, traffic control plan and pre-blast notification plan that includes pre-blast and post-blast inspections for property within a certain distance.

The City plans to continue the discussion, and council members brought up other issues Tuesday night that aren’t addressed in the interim regulation. A public hearing on the matter will be held in 60 days.