City of Ellensburg is the victim of a ransomware cyberattack


ELLENSBURG, Wash. — Officials from the City of Ellensburg announced that it was the victim of a cyberattack. The city is now working with both local and federal law enforcement to better understand the issue.

According to Ellensburg Police Captain Dan Hansberry, it was confirmed that the attack was ransomware, which is a type of malware that threatens to release or block access to information until a ransom is paid.

At this point, city officials are trying to discover the best way to proceed. They’re currently trying to figure out how to proceed without putting the data, which was encrypted during the attack, at risk.

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The majority of the City of Ellensburg’s network drives and data cannot be accessed. With that being the case, all city departments are being impacted. That includes the utility billing system, administrative services and financial services.

Hansberry says that since in-person payments at City Hall are unavailable, customers who need to make payment should use the City’s online payment system.

This isn’t the only city that’s been a victim of cyberattacks lately. It’s been an on-going issue throughout the country that’s only ramped up as a side-effect of the pandemic.

With their information and data in flux, there’s no timetable for when the City of Ellensburg should be back to normal.

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