City of Pasco planning to build new animal shelter

City of Pasco planning to build new animal shelter

A new animal shelter will soon be coming to Pasco.

In a meeting tonight, the city council will be discussing more details about the project, which is part of the city’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2020-2025. The new facility will replace the current building which has been around for decades.

Shelter Director Deb Sporcich said a new shelter is long overdue and will help the staff better serve the animals. She said she is hoping a spay and neuter clinic will be added to the facility.

“Too many animals out there are roaming the streets that aren’t spayed and neutered,” Sporcich said. “A clinic is just something that will hopefully help us in the future so we don’t have to have so many stray, homeless animals coming through the door.”

There is currently no set date on when construction of the new building will start.