City of Pendleton will now sell bonds to fund new fire station

City of Pendleton will now sell bonds to fund new fire station

Pendleton City Council members unanimously passed a fire bond measure to fund a new fire station Tuesday.

Pendleton Fire Station #1 was built in the 50’s when there were fewer calls for help, and ironically the current building is not even up to the departments codes.

For the last several years crews have been crammed in the current building with little room for training, daily operations or employees, inadequate sleeping corridors and exposure to black mold.

The new facility will provide the space needed to train, decrease response times by 6 to 12 seconds to the east side of town, and the bond will also supply new heart monitors and breathing tanks.

Tonight, council passed a resolution authorizing the city to sell bonds which will now allow them to move forward in gathering funding for the new station.

“I’m excited that the city is rapidly moving forward in taking the steps necessary to build our new station that was approved by the voters last month,” Pendleton Fire Chief Mike Ciraulo said.

According to Ciraulo the bond is $10 million dollars, and the estimated cost for the station is about $9.3 million dollars.

After funding for the building is complete the remaining bond money will go towards critical fire and medical equipment needed.

The timeline for project completion is roughly 24 months.