City of Prosser removes “Karen” Halloween display after community backlash

The City of Prosser said the "display was inconsistent with the spirit of the competition."
City of Prosser

PROSSER, Wash. – The City of Prosser has removed its Halloween display after it received complaints from members of the community. The city put the display together and entered it into the Historic Downtown Prosser decorating contest.

The display showed what can be described as a scarecrow placed in the flowers out in front of City Hall with a sign that said “Karen’s Garden.” The scarecrow was wearing a T-shirt that said “Can I speak to the manager?” and is wearing a scarf with a straw hat. There is also a nametag on the front of the shirt with the name “Karen.”

One Prosser woman posted the picture to her Facebook Sunday morning and said the display was “mean-spirited” and questioned if those who hold elected city positions respect the citizens who come to City Hall. She said it is clear to her that new leadership is needed.

By Sunday afternoon, the display had been altered. The T-shirt was removed and the sign “Karen’s Garden” was also removed.

By Monday evening, the City of Prosser released a statement that said the display had been removed and that the city had withdrawn from the decorating contest. The statement said the “display was inconsistent with the spirit of the competition.”

Many of the comments found on social media also stated people were disappointed in the display, especially for a holiday decorating contest that was always uplifting and fun for the community.