City of Walla Walla postpones Fourth of July fireworks display

Walla Walla adds outdoor seating along Main St

WALLA WALLA, Wash. — After conducting a special meeting during the hottest day in Walla Walla’s history, the City Council decided to clear a proposal by city officials to postpone the Fourth of July fireworks display due to extreme heat and dry conditions in the region.

According to a press release issued by city officials, the fireworks display is not being canceled outright but is instead being postponed to a later, unspecified date.

The City Council also decided to approve an ordinance that will authorize the city manager to restrict the discharge of any and all fireworks within city limits. It will take effect in one year (June 29, 2022). However, the ordinance may take effect even sooner than that if RCW 70.77.250(4) is subsequently amended to allow the ordinance to go into effect. RCW 70.77.250 states the following:

(4) The chief of the Washington state patrol, through the director of fire protection, shall adopt those rules as are necessary to ensure statewide minimum standards for the enforcement of this chapter. Counties and cities shall comply with these state rules. Any ordinances adopted by a county or city that are more restrictive than state law shall have an effective date no sooner than one year after their adoption.

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If the RCW is amended in time, local authorities may push to prohibit the discharge of fireworks ahead of the Fourth of July.

“Sparks and flames from fireworks can easily be carried to flammable materials and start fires that endanger people, pets, and property, and spread area firefighting resources dangerously thin,” said WWFD Chief Bob Yancey. “Our firefighters would like to thank area residents for doing what it takes to help keep our Valley safe.”

While the ignition of select fireworks is currently allowed within the Walla Walla city limits, fire officials are urging citizens to follow the city’s lead and refrain from setting off fireworks this year. Though it’d be a sad revelation for everyone who is looking forward to this year’s fireworks display, the ignition of fireworks can be especially dangerous in excessive heat and a dry climate.


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