Experts offer advice to local fire victims on how to clean up damage

landscape after wildfire burn

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. — With wildfires raging throughout the Pacific Northwest, many are facing major cleanups from the damage.

According to the Benton Conservation District, taking care of your property after a fire is extremely important.

“If you’re property’s been damaged by a wildfire, if you have vegetation loss, it’s important to act quickly because I would say the major concerns are soil erosion, and potential for weed invasion,” said Melissa Pierce, a resource conservationist with the district.

If left unaddressed, these concerns can actually be fuel for future fires.

As a non-regulatory, grant-funded organization, the Benton Conservation District provides free advice to people who need to restore property.

They also have rental equipment that farmers and other large landowners can use to repair their land.

“If you call us, we’ll talk with you about what the vegetation looked like before the fire came through and what your goals are for the property so that we can help you figure out a plan forward, give you some recommendations, because there’s no really one size fits all,” said Pierce.

For more information on cleaning up after a wildfire, call them at (509) 736-6000 or check out their website.