Co-Pa event in Pasco raises money for disaster relief after Mexico earthquake

Four government officials stayed in Pasco’s sister city of Colima to handle disaster relief after the deadly earthquake. They planned to sign a Friendship Agreement.

PASCO, Wash. — The Co-Pa Friendship and Collaboration Association is holding a Sunset Symphony Concert Saturday. Two of the concert’s performers arrived early, standing in for Colima delegates who are back in Mexico, helping after the city was rocked with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake earlier this week that killed at least two people.

The concert was originally supposed to celebrate the union between Pasco and its sister city of Colima, but it’s now taken on a bigger meaning.

Mike Gonzalez, Pasco’s economic development manager said it’s thought that anywhere between 30 to 40% of Pasco’s Latino population have ties to Colima.

The four delegates from Colima postponed their visit to Washington state to work on disaster relief, putting the job of representing the city onto two of Saturday’s concert performers.

Miguel Angel Alatorre, the composer from Colima said he’s very grateful for the level of confidence that the state has placed on him to do this job.

The event has now become a fundraiser to help those impacted by the deadly earthquake. This includes the two performers, who have family in the city. Alatorre said he was said because there are lots of families who lost their homes, and damages to structures are heavy.

José Iñiguez, the producer and tenor performing, also has family in Colima. He said he’s been in contact with his mother.

“I can’t break down because I have to project my voice. Projection is important. So it’s going to be challenging to navigate the emotional and the emotions of what’s happening right now,” said Iñiguez.

Despite the tragedy, the event has continued to be a chance to learn.

Iñiguez said there were some artists who expressed worry because the composer only speaks Spanish. “What is wonderful, is that turned into an educational opportunity because they actually were able to get the instruction and realize that just music is universal, truly universal, no matter what language you speak,” said Iñiguez.

This symphony concert at the Pasco Farmers Market not only features Colima artists, but also many local performers. It’s free and open to the public, and donations are being collected to fund those affected. You can find the link here.

The Mid-Columbia Symphony is scheduled to play Saturday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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