CODA, an alternative to high-priced funerals and cremations, opens in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Nestled against a pizza joint and tax preparation service, is CODA Alternative Cremation and Funeral.

“The alternative piece comes in when comparing to a more traditional type funeral home that has full service options,” Holley Sowards said.

Sowards, the Director of Funeral Operations for CODA, never thought she’d end up in this career field.

“Are you interested in entering the funeral profession?” was the question Holley was asked some time ago.

Her answer was yes.

Now, Holley along with Amy Eslinger and a team of professionals, care for families and their loved ones and help them celebrate the late individual’s life.

“CODA has less options that Einan’s or any other full service operation, but more options than our online cremation provider, so that’s how we’re able to offer sort of a middle price point for families that are looking for something a little bit different,” Holley explained.

Unlike traditional funeral homes with white glove service, CODA’s cremations start at $1,495 while burials begin at $1,390.

CODA is a sister company of Einan’s at Sunset Gardens in Richland, they serve as the holding facility when families choose their company.

Holley said CODA is more streamlined and affordable, with three tiers to cater to any budget.

“Any family, under any circumstance, and any budget with our three options,” she said.

It might not be a fun topic to think about what will eventually happen to everyone, but Amy, the Managing Funeral Director Intern, encourages preplanning.

“You’re never too young to preplan, and it’s always nice, and especially in Washington state you have the right to make your own decisions,” Amy said.

“It really takes a lot of the burden and stress off of the family that’s surviving when the time does come,” Holley added.

CODA can also help you find alternatives to traditional cremation or burial like human composting or cremation by water, and even, remains turned into rocks.

“You can you can get anywhere from 40 to 60 stones and they all vary in sizes shapes and colors,” Amy said.

It’s an emotional job, but Holley said they’re here for their families.

“We come to work everyday to show up for our families so that they can process, grieve and heal properly,” Holley said.

CODA is located at 2909 South Quillan Street Suite 104 in Kennewick.

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