Collapsed Umatilla walking bridge will cost at least $5 million to rebuild

The Umatilla walking bridge that collapsed over the weekend due to high river waters will cost at least $5 million to rebuild.

The City of Umatilla Police Department said they believe debris floating down the river smashed into one of the pillars, causing the collapse. The bridge is located behind Umatilla High School and is frequently used.

According to Umatilla City Manager David Stockdale, the bridge was built back in 1978 and has had its annual maintenance every year. Stockdale said they believe the bridge is a total loss and it will cost between $5-$10 million dollars to rebuild it. As a result, the bridge will be closed indefinitely.

“This will have major impacts on both the families and students who use the bridge daily,” Stockdale said.

There will be an emergency meeting tonight at 8 p.m. to review the full assessment of the bridge. Stockdale said the city plans on applying for emergency funds from both the state and federal governments.

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