College Place temporarily bans fireworks this weekend

COLLEGE PLACE, Wash. – Amidst the high temperatures and dry conditions throughout much of Washington, the city of College Place has decided to ban fireworks through the Fourth of July Weekend.

Mayor Norma Hernandez said city council voted in a ‘just in case’ ordinance years ago, which allow her to consult with local authorities about the risk of fireworks, thus putting a temporary ban in place.

“Well this year is that just in case. With the extreme heat, dry conditions we just felt it would be prudent of us to put in that firework ban and encourage our community to be safe, be considerate of their neighbors; have fun but they don’t have to have fireworks and put lives or property at danger,” Mayor Hernandez said.

Of course, she knows many people will want to celebrate especially after a year of pandemic restrictions, the city just asks that residents do so responsibly and without fireworks.

Next door in Walla Walla, Fire Chief Bob Yancy is also asking residents to celebrate responsibly, especially because they don’t have the power, this year, to ban fireworks.

According to RCW, if cities want to enact a more strict code, they have to give a one year notice. That means in 2022, if city officials deem conditions unsafe for fireworks, they could place a ban.

Chief Yancy said if you do choose to set off fireworks, they have some advice.

“If people are going to shoot them off, we’re really going to push the safety precautions, have a garden hose that’s turned on and ready to go, bucket of water to put spent fireworks in or ones that don’t go off, be considerate of your neighbors and any dry vegetation that’s near where you’re shooting off,” Chief Yancy said the dry brush has no moisture and just a small spark could start a huge fire.

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