Colville Tribes, Port of Pasco sign Cooperation Agreement for economic development efforts

NESPELEM, Wash. — The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and the Port of Pasco have signed a Cooperation Agreement for economic development efforts in the city, according to a news release.

The agreement “includes a commitment by the Port of Pasco to officially support the
Tribes’ Pasco project and assures that the Port is kept informed about the progress of this effort,” the release said.

Currently, the Colville Tribes owns 184 acres of land in Pasco. Officials said they are developing the site for “future business ventures.”

“We are pleased to sign this Cooperation Agreement with the Port of Pasco. It has long been our goal to bring the Palus
Tribe back to their ancestral lands,” said Colville Business Council Chairman Andrew C. Joseph Jr. “The Colville Tribes will be a good neighbor and this economic development project will significantly benefit the local economy by adding jobs, tourism, and
new businesses to the area. This project is a win for all involved.”

The release said this agreement follows similar ones with the City of Pasco and the Franklin County PUD.

“The primary objective of the Port of Pasco is to grow the economy by creating opportunities for investment and growth. We
see our agreement with the Colville Tribes as an opportunity to welcome a new neighbor and to expand Franklin County’s economy,” said Port of Pasco Commission President Vicki Gordon.