Commissioners argue WWCSO is properly funded despite claims otherwise

Commissioners argue WWCSO is properly funded despite claims otherwise

Deputies in Walla Walla said they need more money to properly cover the county but the Board of Commissioners believe the sheriff’s office is adequately funded.

The disagreement over funds has gone on for years.

Deputy Ashley Daschofsky said they need more funding to bring in more deputies but the board said it is not necessary.

Sheriff John A. Turner has presented a strategic plan to the Board of Commissioner but they’ve repeatedly denied their requests, according to Daschofsky.

“The deputies feel they are underfunded. We feel they are funded at the appropriate level,” said Jim Johnson, chairman for the Walla Walla County Board of Commissioners.

Johnson said the board has looked into the matter and have compared Walla Walla to other counties of similar size.

He added if the board were to give them more funds it would take away from other departments like the health department, the coroner’s office, public works, and emergency management to name a few.

“We have the responsibility to spend taxpayer dollars in an appropriate way and determining level of funding. It is part of the job and it’s not an easy job,” said Johnson. “Theoretically, we could do that if we felt the necessity to provide additional funds to any department, whether it is the sheriff’s office or any other department that feels they are underfunded.”

He said the board will release a report that outlines how they made their decision in the coming weeks.