Community Hero: Judo teacher inspires the kids he teaches

Community Hero: Judo teacher inspires the kids he teaches

“We have one Judo student and Zach asked him ‘hey don’t you love coming to judo?’ and he goes ‘no sensei, I come just to see you,'” said Robert Borisch, owner of Tri-City Judo and father to Zack Borish.

Everyone at Tri-City judo in Kennewick looks to Zach Borisch as the face of this dojo and even of Eastern Washington since he was given the nickname “Beast of the East” for his judo talent.

The kids who learn from him can’t get enough, his brother said he hears the dojo buzz amoungst other kids all the time.

“Zach is really cool, I want him to train me and I want Zach to coach me,” said Gabriel Borisch, 8, as he recalled what other students say about Zach.

Zach Borisch is only 16 -years-old, but he is on team USA for judo, he’s a quarterback at Kamiakin High School and he’s a state ranked wrestler so he’s pretty well known wherever he goes.

“I want to be just like him,” said Gabriel Borisch.

His dad said parents specifically want Zach to train their kids.

“Parents are saying I really appreciate the role model that he is to my kids I would like my kids to be like Zach,” said Robert Borisch.

The parents want to see Zach’s qualities in their own children and it seems to be working in everything Zach teaches.

“To be humble and to not show off or anything,” said student Ulysses Velazquez.

“He comes back sometimes with the trophy sometimes not with the trophy that inspires us to be like him and say like don’t give up,” said student Justice Sanchez.

Zach’s dad said his son is humble and it shows.

“It’s a little bit different to be in the shoes, to be looked at instead of being the one looking up to people,” said Zach.

Zach said he gets so much joy out of training with the kids.

“When I go out and see them win instead of being like ‘Oh that was all me, I’m more like yes they won!'” said Zach.

Soon he will be heading to Argentina for the Judo Pan American Championships.

If he brings back another medal “everyone will be like oh my gosh congratulations and like I think someone would definitely bring a cake,” said student Ashlee Edwards.

If he doesn’t many said it won’t matter.

“I’m in awe of him, he’s my boy,” said his mother Maria Borisch.