Community pays for man’s funeral after nephew’s fundraiser

Okla. boy sells his toys to raise money for uncle’s funeral
Daniel Crase, 10, has been standing outside of a Quick Way gas station selling his toys to help pay for his uncle's funeral.

Residents of Muldrow helped a young boy lay his uncle — and best friend — to rest with no financial burden to the family after the boy’s heartwarming act sparked an international response, KFSM reported.

Earlier this week, 10-year-old Daniel Crase spent three days outside a Quick Way gas station selling his toys. He was trying to raise enough money to pay for his uncle Brian Douglas’s funeral.

Daniel’s goal was to raise $5,000 for his uncle’s funeral. The story tugged at the heartstrings of people around the world.

People wanted to help, and they did this by donating directly to the funeral home and to a bank account set up especially the burial.

One man even donated a headstone.

“It’s unexplainable. I can’t explain it, how I feel. Because it’s a miracle,” said Brenda Crase, Daniel’s grandmother.

Brian Crase was laid to rest on Friday (Sept. 6). The family says it was a hard day but they are thankful for the chance to celebrate the life of their loved one.

“I want to thank and praise everyone from the bottom of my heart,” said Daniel Crase.