Community steps up for Richland family who lost home to fire

The duplex on Stevens Drive caught on fire Monday evening, the cause hasn't yet been determined.

RICHLAND, Wash. – The once-home of Mike Wolf and his mother Charlene, is barely standing after a fire on Monday evening.

“It was a total and complete loss I mean there wasn’t anything that’s salvageable from the home,” Dawn Wolf, Mike’s ex-wife said.

Dawn, who shares a son with Mike, said the fire ripped through the inside of the home and destroyed everything in it’s path.

“It’s just very very devastating from that perspective from his — meeting his medical needs,” she added.

Wolf explained, it’s especially hard for Mike, who lost all of his equipment that helps him live with a life-threatening disease.

“The Multiple Sclerosis, as advanced as it is he has to have all of that equipment. He has a lot of like specialized equipment and stuff and the house it was constructed in such a way it would help him stay mobile,” she said.

Dawn started a fundraiser to help the mother and son duo recover, but she’s not the only one who stepped in to help.

“I kinda (sic) thought ‘okay if that happened to us? Where would the need be?'” Keith Moon, the Owner of Tumbleweeds Restaurant couldn’t help but put himself in the Wolf family’s shoes.

Moon and his team are doing what they know best: dishing up meals for a family in need.

The owner said his friend, Joel Watson, Owner of Just Joel’s reached told him about the fire.

“I just kinda (sic) thought you know, preparing meals is what we do as a business and it’s also where a huge need might be if we were relocated any minute and you didn’t have your comforts from
home and I just thought that’s the least that we could offer,” Moon said.

Keith has committed to giving Mike and Charlene a free meal, everyday, for the rest of March.

“It’s overwhelming to me, especially during the times we’re living in people can still come together the way they have and get behind the way the family is now and, it chokes me up,” Dawn said.

As of Tuesday evening, the fundraiser Dawn started for the Wolf’s has raised over $7,000.

Investigators have not yet determined what caused the fire, but believe it may have started in the back of the duplex.

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