Company to sell cannabis dog treats

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Biran Walker/CNN
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A company in Canada’s marijuana industry is planning to sell edibles — for your dog.

True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. is working on adding dog chews containing cannabis extracts to their pet products, which already include items infused with hemp seeds to help ease pups’ joint pain, anxiety and inflammation, Bloomberg reported.

The company hopes to raise $7.8 million through crowdfunding to build a facility in British Columbia that would allow the extraction of cannabidioil to treat medical conditions in humans and animals.

“People are spending more money to look after their pets, specifically as they get older,” CEO Darcy Bomford told Bloomberg. “A lot of the drugs that are available in the veterinary market are effective and they work but they also have a lot of side effects. There’s a big market there for natural products.”

The cannabidoil-infused treats will ideally help senior dogs having trouble on long walks or jumping in and out of the car, Bomford said.

“We’re really focused on making their quality of life as good as possible,” Bomford told Bloomberg. “We’re trying to return the love we get from our pets.”