Congressman Dan Newhouse speaks with Sunnyside students

Congressman Dan Newhouse paid a visit to Harrison Middle School in Sunnyside on Tuesday morning.

Newhouse attended Harrison Middle School as a child and wanted to speak with students there about what he does for the district.

As he visited a sixth grade social studies class, curious students had a variety of questions for the congressman.

“What is impeachment?” asked one student.

Congressman Newhouse responding by explaining that President Trump is on trial for illegal actions that could take a few weeks and he could possibly be removed from office.

Another student asked, “Does Donald Trump hates all Mexicans?”

Newhouse responded by saying that during his run for office, President Trump talked about Mexicans crossing the border illegally with criminal backgrounds, but said he does not believe Trump hates Mexicans.

The instructor of the class Daren Fickel invites politicians to come visit the classroom so that students can learn more about the people behind politics.

Congressman Newhouse is headed to Prosser next for an agriculture convention.