Connell men wanted for suspected role in burglaries across Othello

RITZVILLE, Wash. — A group of men suspected in a string of burglaries and associated crimes across Adams County has been identified thanks to support from community members and the Connell Police Department.

According to a social media alert from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, the men pictured above were suspected of several burglaries in and around Othello, WA. They turned to the people they serve, seeking help in identifying the group.

Word got around the police in Connell, who were aware of these individuals from prior infractions and passed a tip forward to Adams County investigators. Although their identities have not been made public, probable cause has been developed for Southeastern/Central Washington law enforcement to arrest them in connection with several crimes.

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Authorities say the men have been knocking on doors to see if anyone is home before burglarizing empty residences. Based on the amount of evidence recovered from security cameras and video doorbells, it became clear to Adams County investigators that these individuals do not care about being caught on camera.

At this stage of their search, neither Adams County nor Connell law enforcement has been able to track them or the suspect vehicle down. With that in mind, they’re asking anyone with further information to come forward and help them in their search.


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