Controversial Prosser librarian speaks out on immigration at local town hall

Prosser librarian speaks out at local town hall
Controversial Prosser librarian speaks out on immigration at local town hall

As of Wednesday there is still no decision from the Prosser School District on a controversial instructor’s return.

Prosser Heights Elementary School librarian Peggy Brown is now on administrative leave for a Facebook post in February about immigrants.

Our news team captured an exclusive look at an immigration town hall meeting in Kennewick where Brown and several community members gathered to express their sides.

When 610 KONA Radio decided to have a town hall meeting Tuesday night on immigration, Peggy Brown knew it was another opportunity to get her views out.

“With the sanctuary city you have chosen one more area to be able to break the law,” Prosser Heights Elementary School librarian Peggy Brown said.

Brown sparked controversy in February when she posted a message to her personal Facebook page, speaking out against the day without immigrants’ protest.

She also made reference to how nice it was to work with fewer students, on the day immigrants boycotted the largely Hispanic Prosser Heights Elementary School.

Tuesday’s debate focused around other immigration topics like boarders, immigration terms and sanctuary cities.

“Sanctuary cities provide a service, and the service is they give undocumented people the comfort of knowing that if there is a problem there is authorities that I can go to and get these problems solved,” Hispanic business and political group, Consejo Latino, Digital Coordinator Rick Rios said.

Brown and her husband Dale have also been criticized for displaying their religious views on signs in the bed of their truck.

“Whether you agree with it or not it’s our way that we can reach people with the Gospel,” Brown continued.

Many also arguing against her views on the term “illegals,” as a way of describing undocumented immigrants.

“Its all so politically correct, you can’t use illegal, you have to use undocumented, and illegal is illegal!” Brown argued.

Others voiced their discontent.

“It is an offensive term,” Civic leader with Consejo Latino Leo Perales said.

It’s not clear if Brown accomplished what she wanted at Tuesday evening’s forum.

However, for her it was one more chance to fight for what she believes is her First Amendment right.

“I never took any opportunities or made any opportunities to speak with anybody I worked with on my personal issues as far as my religious beliefs or anything with my job,” Brown concluded.

Our news team has been checking in with the Prosser School District on when Brown will be reinstated and they haven’t given us an answer yet.

We will continue to ask the question until a decision is made.