Convenience store owners determined to put an end to armed robberies

Convenience store owners determined to put an end to armed robberies

Shocking surveillance video we obtained, and due to the violence that took place in this store the owner decided not to reveal his name.

But said this problem is getting worse.

“And it’s affecting not just the business but it’s affecting the city overall, the future growth of businesses, families who want to move into the city,” said the store owner.

The surveillance video shows when two masked men enter the store pointing a gun as a customer is walking out and demands both the clerk and the customer to drop to the floor.

One of the men then takes the cash from the register and then kicks the clerk on his head.

While the other man kicks the customer on the foot before leaving the store.

A reality that makes the owner think twice about keeping his business.

“In this situation I wouldn’t want to expand in the city knowing that this is what we have to deal with,” said the owner.

But police said they are working on finding a solution to this problem.

“We’re trying to give them ideas to make their stores safer, obviously we want to catch those persons responsible,” said Yakima Police Department spokesman Mike Bastinelli.

Some of those ideas include closing earlier, hiring security or even adding more security cameras on the outside and advising the public just to be alert.

“That’s really what it’s come to, it’s just you have to be aware,” said Bastinelli.

As for the owner he just has one message for those responsible

“Your confidence is going to get you one day and that day you’re going to be behind bars,” said the owner.

Adding there’s always room for change.

“I would reconsider and make a better choice,” said the owner.

Police said it’s possible there’s multiple groups behind these robberies and some could be gang-related, and because the robberies have gotten so violent they advise you to just comply and get as much description of the people involved as possible.