Convenience store owners tired of armed robberies

Convenience store owners tired of armed robberies

“Was super quick and surprised,” said Nob Hill’s Mini Mart co-owner.

A co-owner of Nob Hill Mini Mart and Smoke Shop, still can’t believe what happened Sunday night.

He’s now concerned enough to not reveal his name.

“There was a bunch of kids and human and people inside the store they were like 10-15 people in the store, they just wanted the cash we just let it go easily,” said the co-owner.

The store giving us detailed surveillance video, which shows two people walking in pointing a gun and demanding money.

The two then brandishing the gun at a child to ensure they can get away.

The owner, unwilling to take any risks.

“Safety is important for the people inside the store there was some kids crying inside the store,” said the co-owner.

Police now trying to figure out if these two men are connected to any of the other twenty robberies in Yakima and Union Gap this year.

Saying there is a high chance, but they can’t know without any arrests.

The Nob Hill Mini Mart owner just hopeful for change.

“Money comes and goes, if they come back it’ll probably be a different situation but they are not coming back, I hope no,” said the co-owner,

Yakima police are more optimistic this time since there were so many witnesses.

Investigators are now going through previous surveillance to see if there’s any similarities or clues.