Convenience store robbed again following fatal shooting of cashier

On April 6th, AM/PM store clerk, 25-year old Vikram Jaryal was shot and killed when suspects broke into the store and stole money from the cash register.

Just over two weeks after the fatal incident, the same store on 601 E. Yakima Ave was burglarized Monday morning just before 5am. Surveillance footage shows a suspect smash through the window with a rock, run to the cashier counter, and steal a donation jar donated to Jaryal, before running out.

Convenience store robbed again following fatal shooting of cashier

Store cashier, Louis Marroquin, said the death of Jaryal left him a little shaken and hesitant about working night shifts, though the store recently installed a new security system and changed its hours from 5am-Midnight, instead of remaining open 24 hours.

“The sad thing is that they just come in here you know and steal donation money that we had going for someone who passed away, said Marroquin. “It’s a shame people can sink that low.”

Yakima Police Department said they are hoping to work with store owners to beef up security at their establishments- recommending security cameras, fencing, and more training for employees.

“Train your employees, but there’s no way of being one-hundred percent fool proof, said Mike Bastinelli with the Yakima Police Department. “I know in bigger cities they have an enclosed area for cashiers, will it get to that point, I don’t know, but there’s steps they can take.”

Yakima Police said there have been 9 store robberies in Yakima, and 2 robberies in Union Gap in the last two months.