Coronavirus infects 52 in Walla Walla County; testing required for nursing homes, Tyson plant


WALLA WALLA, Wash. — The Walla Walla County Department of Community reported a total of 52 cases of COVID-19 on Friday.

Three people in Walla Walla County are hospitalized with the virus as of Friday afternoon.

Four cases are linked to Walla Walla County nursing homes. The Department of Community Health said any facility with a positive case, employee or resident, will be required to test all residents and staff.

“Testing will allow the facility, and DCH, to have a better understanding of disease prevalence at the facility and reduce further spread,” health officials said in a news release.

At least 110 cases are linked to the Tyson beef plant in Wallula, located within the county. Nine of those people are Walla Walla County residents, 100 are in Benton and Franklin Counties and one is in Umatilla County.

The plant was scheduled to close Friday for all 1,400 workers at the facility to get tested for COVID-19.