Coronavirus update: 103 cases added

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Today’s coronavirus numbers from the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) reflect a slight uptick in total coronavirus cases as the region shifts focus toward vaccinating the communities.

The coronavirus update for Wednesday, January 27, 2021, shows that Benton County added 60 coronavirus cases for a total of 13,779 cases to date. Franklin County added 43 cases to its total, bringing it to 9,881 cases. The running bi-county coronavirus case total is 23,660 confirmed since the start of the pandemic.

Of the 413 patients hospitalized in the bi-county region, 52 of them are being treated for complications with COVID-19. They account for 12.6% of the total hospitalizations in the region, which approaches public health official’s target of sub-10% COVID-hospitalizations for the area.

Yesterday’s Coronavirus Update: 78 cases added

Positivity rates have not been updated, so the most recent batch of results span from Jan. 3 to Jan. 17. The CBC West testing site reported a 20.38% positivity rate while the Kennewick testing site, which is no longer operating due to National Guard resources being redistributed, reported a 12.64% positivity rate.

Vital Statistics Laws have updated since the turn of the new year, making it more difficult for the BFHD to report death rates and more. Instead of updating the death count on a daily basis, BFHD officials will report deaths on Fridays. However, 256 community members have been lost to date – 173 from Benton County and 83 from Franklin County.

There are 19,888 confirmed coronavirus cases in the Tri-Cities: 8,729 in Pasco, 7.880 in Kennewick and 3,279 in Richland. The Tri-Cities still account for approx. 84% of confirmed cases in the bi-county area.

Vaccinations are underway in the Tri-Cities and have been consistent through the start of the new year. Officials from the Benton County Fairgrounds vaccination site say that more than 900 people were vaccinated yesterday alone and hope to build off of that as they move forward.

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