Coronavirus update: Only 15 hospitalized COVID patients, 29 cases added

Model of a coronavirus cell (CDC via AP, File)

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Today’s update from the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) included only a small addition of coronavirus cases in addition to an updated hospitalization rate.

According to the latest metrics from the Benton-Franklin Health District, only 29 cases were added to the bi-county case count as of Thursday, March 4, 2021. Benton County added 12 new cases, increasing its total number of coronavirus infections to 14,704. Meanwhile, Franklin County added 17 cases today, raising its total to 10,997 confirmed cases. Overall, the bi-county region has accumulated 25,701 coronavirus cases.

Yesterday’s local coronavirus update: Positivity declines nearly 2%

COVID-19 hospitalizations are trending down in the bi-county region. Of the 398 patients currently hospitalized in Benton and Franklin Counties, only 15 are currently being treated for complications with the coronavirus. They account for only 3.6% of hospitalizations in the region, which falls in line with the BFHD’s target range of sub-10% COVID-related hospitalizations.

Additionally, the CBC West public testing site recorded lower positivity rates in their most recent update. From February 14 to February 26, the location recorded a 12.33% coronavirus positivity rate. That was an improvement of nearly 2% from the previous week’s results.

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Community deaths to COVID-19 are reported once per week on Fridays due to changes to Vital Statistics Laws at the turn of the new year. The most recent update reflected only one death — A Franklin County man in his 50s. As of now, the combined community death toll stands at 287 with 195 Benton County residents lost and 92 Franklin County residents lost.

Vaccination efforts at the Benton County Fairgrounds are in full effect as first dose appointments are now available to eligible participants. As of Tuesday, Washington’s educators and school staff are now eligible to be vaccinated in the state. The Fairgrounds have administered over 2,300 vaccine doses in the last two days.


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