Coronavirus update: 476 cases added over the weekend

Model of a coronavirus cell (CDC via AP, File)

KENNEWICK, Wash.  — Public health officials with the Benton-Franklin Health District (BFHD) announced 476 coronavirus cases over the course of three days: January 9, 10 and 11, 2021.

Benton County added 316 coronavirus cases over the weekend, bringing its total to 12,637 cases thus far. Franklin County added 160 cases to its running tally of 9,271 cases to date.

Overall, the bi-county region has 21,908 confirmed coronavirus cases to this point. The Tri-Cities account for 18,426 of those cases — 8,164 in Pasco, 7,303 in Kennewick and 2,959 in Richland.

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Of the 393 hospitalized individuals in the bi-county region, 59 are confirmed to be positive for or have close contact with the coronavirus. They account for 15 percent of hospitalizations under BFHD jurisdiction, which is still 5.1 percent away from public health official’s target goal.

The current number of confirmed deaths related to COVID-19 in this region stands at 233. That number hasn’t been updated quite as often since the start of 2021 due to privacy laws. However, BFHD officials say that data will be released on Fridays moving forward. Expect an update on this front later in the week.

Benton Co. has lost 156 community members to coronavirus complications while Franklin Co. has lost 77 community members since the start of the pandemic.

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